Abused And Neglected, Abandoned And Stray But Tender Souls And Best Friends

A 12 months ago I was honored to volunteer for a image project for the animal's shelter "Allow the Animals Stay". I required to photograph the animals from the shelter for the calendar.

Abused Doberman, a canine that dropped his back legs in a auto accident, a blind cat, a really old and abandoned canine - all of them have distinct and exclusive stories and life. Just like we are.

With this task I wanted to remind that we are so exceptional but continue to so similar. All of us are searching for a warm hug, for a loving glance, for accurate pleasure, for a ideal mate, for authentic assist. We have to have somebody who will consider us as we are and will not judge. And I never know who seriously adopt whom. Glimpse at them - they are so perfect!

Additional info: Instagram

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Abused And Neglected, Abandoned And Stray But Tender Souls And Greatest Pals

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