Top 5 Pakistani Celebrities Who Love To Take Selfies

Pakistani film and shows industry is also very big if we compare it with Indian film and shows industry Bollywood. Pakistani Celebrities are very cute, educated and talented. And many of them love to take selfies. Their fans love them and they also like their selfies. Here is a list of Top 5 Pakistani Celebrities who love to take selfies and post them on social media websites Facebook, Twitter etc.

This post is based on internet research and we will start from from number 5,

5. Ayeza Khan

Ayeza is cutest and most talented Pakistani Celebrity. She is known as Queen Of Selfies in Pakistan. She post one or more selfies daily on Social Media Website Facebook. She look very pretty. Take a look at some of her selfies and photos,

Ayeza Khan 1

A cute selfie of Ayeza Khan in black dress.

Ayeza Khan 2

She is looking cute in blue dress, Isn’t She ?

Ayeza Khan 3

Another cute picture of Ayeza Khan.

Ayeza Khan 4

(Left) Photo of Ayeza Khan’s Daughter Hoorain, ( Upper Right ) Photo of Ayeza Khan with her cute daughter & Last Picture is of her Husband, He is also a famous Pakistani Celebrity.

Ayeza Khan 5

Recent Photo Of Ayeza Khan, She is looking very cute in this dress.

Ayeza Khan 6

Another Selfie of Ayeza Khan, looking cute as always.

Ayeza Khan 7

A Family Picture of Ayeza Khan, the couple looks very cute.

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